The ultimate in retention of the exquisite flavours and colour: Our freeze-dried Tasmanian DEVIL® Mountain Pepperberries are as close as you can get to fresh harvested berries.  Sweet on the palate initially, followed by the lingering spiciness of DEVIL peppers on the back palate.  Superb deep berry-red colour when crushed.

These pepperberries do not need a peppermill or grinder as the pepperberries are easily crushed between your fingers or simply with the back of a spoon in a bowl.  Freshness is maintained as you only need to crush what you want, when you want it.  Add the 'sweet-heat' to your salads and other cold or hot dishes (see the recipe book for culinary ideas).  

Available in 15 g glass jars, 30 g resealable kraft standup pouches or 150 g resealable standup pouches.  XL berries were screened for size prior to freeze-drying. Click the 'Specifications' tab to see the relative cost per 100 g.  Which pack should you buy?  Click the 'Use' tab for more information.

For larger quantities or wholesale bulk orders please use this form:  Wholesale enquiry form

Download the product specification sheet for Tasmanian DEVIL Mountain Pepper Berries.

Click here to download our DEVIL Pepperberry information sheet on storage and use.

Don't know which pack size you should buy?

Your Tasmanian DEVIL® Mountain Pepperberries will stay crisp and crunchy the less you open the pack as these freeze-dried peppers will absorb a small amount of moisture from the air if left unsealed.  So we think it is best to buy the smaller pack sizes and only open each new pack when the previous one is finished.  Buying larger amounts saves on shipping cost, so our recommendation is, if you want 90 g of DEVIL pepperberries, then buy 3 pack of 30 g or 6 packs of 15 g.  This ensures you always have the best pepper available.

If you are going to rapidly use the DEVIL peppers, then the 150 g pack would probably suit you better.  This pack size is more suited to chefs, caterers and those preparing for a large dinner party.

How many pepperberries are there in a pack?

Our DEVIL pepperberries are typically crushed and sprinkled on your food.  A single plate of food may only need one or two pepperberries when used this way.  There are approximately 16,000 DEVIL pepperberries in a kilogram...  That means our 15 g pack has about 240 pepperberries in it, our 30 g pack has perhaps 480 pepperberries, and our 150 g pack has around 2,400 pepperberries in it.

Cost per 100 g
15 g glass jar $45.00 (AUD) per 100 g
30 g kraft standup pouch $41.67 (AUD) per 100 g
150 g standup pouch $39.30 (AUD) per 100 g
Storage Your freeze-dried Tasmanian DEVIL Mountain Peppers should be stored sealed in the original container and in a cool dry place as they can easily absorb moisture from the air. They can also be stored in the refrigerator, but make sure to seal the container. They will remain sweet and spicy for at least three years.
Oxygen & Moisture absorbers To ensure optimum pepperberry quality and shelf-life, our 150 g packs of Tasmanian DEVIL Mountain Pepperberries have small, food-grade, sealed packs of both a moisture absorber and an oxygen absorber. Don't let children play with (or eat) them. Keep these absorbers in the pack until empty, then dispose of them in the sealed empty pack.
Freeze-dried The ultimate for flavour, aroma and nutrition retention which also maintains the size and structure of the original berries. Freeze-drying (or lyophilization/cryodesiccation) works by freezing the material and then reducing the surrounding pressure to allow the frozen water in the material to sublime directly from the solid phase to the gas phase.
Extra Large (XL) Berries
150 g (XL) berries Fresh pepperberries were screened for size prior to freeze-drying. Berries less than 7 mm in size are mostly excluded leaving large plump berries which are great for additionally using as a garnish, or for a single berry 'crush' on a juicy steak, poultry or seafood.

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Tasmanian DEVIL® Mountain Pepperberries

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