About Us

Bronzewing Farm® is a plantation producer of Tasmanian Mountain Pepper (or Pepper Berries; Tasmannia lanceolata) in the north-east of Tasmania.  We do not source any Native Pepper from the wild.

Our philosophy is to provide food and drink manufacturers, chefs, gourmet retailers and innovative home cooks with a consistent supply of high quality Mountain Pepper while enhancing the farm's agricultural and native ecosystems.

Bronzewing Farm's owners - partners Andrew Rath and Sharon Fraser commenced commercial production of select high 'heat' cultivars of Tasmanian Mountain Pepper (as dried "Tasmanian DEVIL" peppercorns) in February 2011. Plantings now total over 4,000 female plants.  Our expected yield of dried Tasmanian DEVIL® Mountain Peppercorns is 2,000 kg/year by 2024.

All production is undertaken on Bronzewing Farm:  Plant propagation, our Mountain Pepper plantation, harvesting, drying, packing and shipping.

We produce both air-dried peppercorns and the exquisite freeze-dried pepperberries, as well as freeze-dried Mountain Pepper leaf.

We welcome farm visits, but visitors must telephone in advance to make an appointment as the farm has a strict biosecurity plan in place to minimise the risks associated with introduced plant diseases.

Phone Andrew on +61 (0)417 469 534 to arrange an appointment, or email Andrew.Rath@bronzewingfarm-tasmania.com