Don't like things too spicy?  Then try our milder Mountain Peppers.  Flavours are still pretty good but the 'heat' has been turned down a notch.  Expect the same brilliant red colouration to perfuse your cooking - especially when the peppers are milled into lemon juice, vinegar and the like.

Available in 50 g glass jars, 100 g resealable kraft standup pouches or 400 g resealable standup pouches.  Click the Specifications tab to see the relative cost per 100 g.

For larger quantities or bulk orders simply email us at

Cost per 100 g
50 g glass jar $23.80 (AUD) per 100 g
100 g kraft standup pouch $20.00 (AUD) per 100 g
400 g standup pouch $17.50 (AUD) per 100 g
Storage Your whole Tasmanian Mountain Peppers should be stored sealed in the original container and in a cool dry place. They will remain spicy for up to three years.
Food security
50 g glass jar Security tag between the lid label and the front label.
100 g kraft standup pouch Heat-sealed above the ziplock.
400 g standup pouch Heat-sealed above the ziplock.
Hot air-dried Our Tasmanian MILD Mountain Peppers are rapidly air-dried at 70 degC for between 35 and 45 hours to maximise the release of some of the volatiles, This rapid drying results in 'shrunken' peppercorns that are suitable for your pepper grinder or mill.

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Tasmanian MILD Mountain Peppercorns®

  • Brand: Bronzewing Farm
  • Product Code: MP50/ MP100/ MP400
  • Availability: In Stock
  • $11.90 (AUD)

  • Ex Tax: $11.90 (AUD)

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