About Us

Bronzewing Farm® is a small, quality producer of Tasmanian Mountain Pepper and JBS Farm Assurance accredited pasture-fed, hormone- and antibiotic-free, MSA (Meat Standards Australia) quality beef in the north-east of Tasmania.

New plantings of Tasmanian Mountain Pepper

Commercial production of select high 'heat' cultivars of Tasmanian Mountain Pepper (as dried peppercorns) started in February 2011. Plantings now total over 1,800 female plants and there are over 1,200 2-year-old plants in the greenhouse for further planting in the spring of 2018, with another 2,000 being propagated for planting in 2019.  Our expected yield of dried Tasmanian DEVIL Mountain Peppercorns® is 2,000 kg/year when fully established.

All production is undertaken at Bronzewing Farm®:  Plant propagation, our Mountain Pepper plantation, harvesting, drying, packing and shipping.  None of our peppers are taken from wild stands.

We produce both air-dried peppercorns and the exquisite freeze-dried pepperberries.