COVID-19 International Postage Update

22 January 2021 update

Country lock-downs and the huge reduction in aircraft movements have significantly impacted on our ability to ship our parcels to you.  Some countries are no longer accepting parcels from Australia, while others are just "unreachable" from Australia.  Australia Post has suspended the "economy air" international delivery service until further notice.  Standard airmail has not gone up in price, but there has been a considerable increase in the time taken to complete deliveries.  Some countries can only be reached by seamail...  In some cases, we are offering Australia Post's "Express International Service" - the price is higher but the delivery time is generally much shorter. 

We recommend that customers minimise their shipping cost by maximising the amount of products in any given parcel weight class (eg. 0.5 kg, 1.0 kg, 1.5 kg, etc).  While this will give you more product than you 'need', you can always give packs, etc, away to friends and neighbours...☺.

If during checkout the only delivery option given is "pick up from the farm", then send us an email and we'll figure out what may be possible.

For further information from Australia Post click here.

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